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 Purple Flash band delivers an authentic, polished sound. For almost a decade, fellow natives The Band have been putting the right groove to enjoy. After an impromptu jam session they knew the four of them were a perfect fit. "we are nothing without each other ," they say. "we are truly blessed to work with each other, such dedicated musicians."


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Save the planet  E.P.   


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New York

We can make it 

Da da da 

Them changes

Spacin out with you baby

Do you like me

Heaven must be missing an angel

Keep doing that thing

Creme soufflee

Leading lover

Love is alive ( radio mix )

Love is alive ( club mix )

Freedom now ( radio Mix )

Freedom Now ( club mix )

Creme soufflee 2012 dj mix

​I think i'm in love with you

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​Purple Flash

Purple Flash Band       


I think i'm in love with you 


It's important to stay true to your roots. See us perform live in Florida january, february & march !

"i think i'm in love with you " just hit retail and online stores nationwide! Are y'all diggin' it?


All of our songs are played and sold worldwide , thanks to you  guys.

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Purple Flash with soul legend James Brown and brother Andy

The Netherlands